Who Is Kenneth McPherson?
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Dynamic Healer

If you have been faced with a long term disability or difficulty with associated pain and the consequence of this has impacted on your employability then the following information will have relevance for both your well-being physically as well as your financial fitness.

The development of the Amega Wand is an advance in the field of Zero Point Energy which provides the body with the ability to return to the homeostatic origin before the ravages of use and external factors that bring stress and the effects of modern life to bear on the person.

If you work in the field of Osteopathy, a Chiropractor, Reiki Healer then this tool (Amega Wand) will be of interest to you as an extension of the area of work you are involved in. The holisitic healing and complementary medicine field has offered the human race something that has always been present but overlooked. To appreciate this more fully then visit my "Self Healing" blog and post
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